Meet our officers....


Jes Dixon:
I like to joke that I was born into Salukis.  My mom got her first Saluki the year I was born.  I have been showing dogs since I could hold a show lead and I have learned so much through growing up in Salukis.
I have had many Salukis over the years and I breed under the kennel name of El-Shaddai (means God Almighty) which was my mother's kennel name, and I proudly continue to breed under that prefix.
Currently I share my life with 5 salukis, Jewel, Fluttershy, Cisco (my first smooth), Shimmer & JL.  I am looking forward to the many club activities in the coming years and getting to show my "kids" with my friends.


Shereen Shuman:


Patsy Hoy:


Jean Pennie: